Help Deciding! Croc Phantom or LV Speedy Cube

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LV Speedy Cube or Croc Phantom

  1. Croc Phantom

  2. LV Speedy Cube

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  1. Hi All!! So I purchased a black croc phantom yesterday which I love! It's gorgeous! But I have an LV Speedy Cube that I purchased back in 2008. When I purchased the phantom I said I was going to sell the speedy cube for it. So here's what I need help with, do you think the Phantom is going to fade out and just be a trend? Or do you think it's going to hang around? Which bag do you all think I should keep? TIA! :smile:
  2. It could be hard to choose from these two, but the Cube is still great after four years (I have the mini version). Perhaps choose the one you'll be carrying most often? or keep both for a while?

    Looking at the new spring 2013 pics on the Celine website I can't see any Phantoms, there are plenty of other new bags so perhaps they are just not showing..
  3. Don't sell it! The speedy cube is gorgeousss!
  4. I know that there are many LV lovers, but LV does not sparks any interest in me anymore. I have 3 LVs that I bought last 2001 and I haven't bought any LVs eversince. And they are all sitting pretty in my closet.

    Having said that, I would not recommend selling your LV.

    I have 2 Celines, 1 Black stamped croc Phantom and 1 Blue Mini Luggage. I am so in love with both especially the Phantom! I want more!

    I have plenty of Chanels and I don't particularly take good care of my purses, but with my 2 Celines, I made sure that they are in the dust bags when I do not used them whereas my Chanels Classics are hanging pretty in my closet.

    I guess,
  5. At this time, Celine has been consistent in increasing their prices every year. There is also an increase demand for the luggages and phantoms. I went to Italy and Paris, and I barely see bag merchandise.

    Ultimately, if you love the bag, go for it!
  6. Hmm, the cube is a lovely bag. However, I wonder if it will hold its value the way other offerings from LV do. Even if the value retained is of no concern, I still think that the croc-embossed phantom is the one to keep. Exotic bags always look good. Think of the vintage pieces you see around. They are highly covetable, IMO.

    I understand your concern about which bag will remain a classic in the long run. And I think the phantom will. You'll be able to pull that baby out in the future and rock it regardless of your age. Not so for the LV Cube, which may not look suitable after a certain age (but can always be passed on to a daughter or niece, of course).

    Best of luck whatever you choose though.
  7. Is cube the 1 w/ embossed Lv pattern? (sorry have forgotten my lessons when i lost the lvoe!) if so, definitely keep the phantom! Not fond of name/logo designs, esp on bags.
  8. I second this. This is the reason why I'm loving Celine.
  9. Finally googled the LV Cube...Sorry, I'm not loving it. I would probably use it if I'm in my teens or early 20's like 10 years ago.

    Keep the Phantom! It is the It Bag. And even if it's not anymore, the phantom is elegant, rock and chic! Very versatile look.
  10. i love the cube!!! i've been wanting this bag for such a long time.
  11. Yes, it is embossed with "Louis Vuitton Paris" all over it I'll post a pic for everyone to see :smile:
  12. Thanks everyone for your input, I am def agreeing with a lot of the input and am leaning towards keeping the Phantom and selling the speedy. I mean IDK if it's just me but I'm seeing 1) more and more people with the Speedys and 2) I feel like it is a "younger" bag.

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  13. Thanks Redvelvetloubie! I agree!:smile::smile:
  14. Hmmm. Tough. I love the speedy cube and had the pleasure of seeing in person years back. Although it has the logo stamped, I don't find it loud or distasteful at all. Still subtle, matte leather, and classic in real life.

    I love the phantom, especially in croc, but I can't help thinking they are trendy. A mono speedy is one thing, but a speedy cube is an entirely different beauty. In conclusion, I'm sorry that I'm no help at all. :shame: I'm sure you will know what to do when you see, touch and hold the croc phantom.

    Can't wait to hear of your decision. Happy shopping!
  15. Well, I've decided to keep the phantom and sell the speedy cube! Both are gorgeous but I feel like the phantom is a bit more sophisticated and unique. Thanks all for your input! Extremely helpful!!!! :smile: