Help Deciding! Coco Handle vs 2.55 Large (a few)


Apr 26, 2017
Sooo I stopped into Chanel tonight fully intent on adding a new member to my purse family, and am having the hardest time deciding. I am meeting a friend at the mall tomorrow anyway so I decided to sleep on it. Unfortunately I don't have any visuals, but will describe them the best I can.

Option 1: Coco Handle, Medium, red lizard handle in white.
Option 2: Large So Black Chevron 2.55
Option 3: Large Dark Pink 2.55 Chevron
Option 4: Eggplant color Jumbo
Option 5: Large classic black 2.55 with either gold or ruthenium chains.

My hangups are:
I love the look of the classic 2.55 and the distressed leather is gorgeous, however it feels almost stale. I wish they would bring back more colors in that distressed look.
The coco handle is a nice everyday sort of bag, but I have an LV tahitienne speedy on order and that would serve as a new everyday bag as well.
The eggplant jumbo is beautiful but its lamb and already had some scratches from being in the store, I'm almost positive it wouldn't do well in the wild, however the color is just gorgeous!
The two chevrons are nice, but I prefer the classic quilt. I think that I would love either of them, but since there are other options I'm letting myself overthink it for the night lol.

I'm sure a lot of you have been in this place before, what are your thoughts on these bags? Its all personal preference of course, but I think a fresh perspective would help. Thanks in advance for reading this wall of text!:heart: