Help deciding between wallets!


Which wallet?

  1. Damier

  2. Taiga

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm buying myself a new wallet as a gift to myself for Christmas, and have narrowed it down to 2 options:

    Damier Billfold with 6 Credit Card Slots $270.00

    and Taiga Billfold with 6 Credit Card Slots $315.00

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. the Taiga leather is exquisite :love:! i bought my boyfriend a Taiga wallet, key holder and the Viktor, and he's madly in love with them. it looks so classy
  3. Taiga is really nice leather!
  4. I vote Damier. My husband got his a few months back and he loves it. The pattern is so unique and he even gets women commenting on it.
  5. Taiga is really exquisite.:love:
  6. love my new Taiga... the same one u posted! classy, quietly elegant... Damier screams LV too much for me :p
  7. i like tha taiga leather but i voted for damier because i like the print!
  8. Definitely the Taiga, so classy!
  9. Now I love Damier, but you know, when you see it against the Taiga hands down. Plus, there's that practicality thing. Always good to have something plain. Great piece.
  10. i have a 4 y/o Taiga wallet and think you still get more bang for your buck with leather. although i think it depends on how old you are. Damier is youthful and casual while Taiga is professional and understated. but they're both great choices nevertheless.
  11. Taiga looks so elegant, and I agree with deluxeduck that you get your money's worth with all leather :yes:
  12. i would say the taiga! or the mono. haha
  13. I like the damier.
  14. I voted for the Taiga - classy and will go with everything!
  15. ^^^^^ tiaga!