Help deciding between two Prada bags!

  1. Hey guys :smile:

    I only have a few days to decide between two Prada bags: the Cervo Antic Satchel or Gauffre (smallest size, brown.)

    What do you think? Which would you pick? Any opinions greatly appreciated!

  2. I just adore the Gauffre style! The leather is yummy. Let us know what you choose :flowers:
  3. I think both bags are around the same price - but I think the gauffre justifies the high price more. Although the antic cervo is nice, to the "untrained eye" its just a leather bag! :shrugs: Plus, for what its worth, I think the Gauffre ones are going to sell out!
  4. I'm having the same trouble deciding on these two bags. Funny, I was gonna post the same topic. When I first saw the antic cervo, I fell in love. But seeing Jill's gauffre, I don't know now.
  5. To Pelinaka: Yes! I felt that bag today at the Prada boutique in NY. The leather is really beautiful. :heart: They didn't have the Cervo Antic Satchel in stock so all I got to do was look at a picture. I will post pictures of whichever bag I decide to get. :yes:

    To cougess: I have actually been thinking the same thing. I can't afford to buy both and the gauffre is more "unique." I do like the look of the leather on the cervo antic satchel, but the bag does look more "ordinary."

    To missypoo: Ahh! We're in the same boat then! Well for me it was a bit different. At first I wanted the Gauffre so badly but it was too big for me. I thought they only made the small size in black. I'm not too fond of black bags so I decided to forget about it. I started to really like the Cervo Antic Satchel. When I saw the gauffre came in a small brown, I fell in love. :love: I'm still undecided at the moment but I'm leaning more to the gauffre. : )
  6. I wish I could see them INR!! I live in Nebraska so there isn't any stores around here.
  7. This is so funny, as I had the same problem about an hour ago on my lunchbreak. I popped into Prada and saw the Gauffre tote size and loved it. Then I tried on the Antic Cervo and loved it. But then I tried this bag in Chocolate Brown and loved it too.
    I had to get three of the SA's to give me their opinions. I ended up getting the Gauffre Tote! I have never been so indecisive. I went in there thinking NO bags, but ended up wanting ALL of them.

    Moral of the story is that there are TOO many beautiful Prada bags this season. It's almost cruel.
  8. Wow!! Post pics of it for us PLEASE!!
  9. Congrats!! I think you made an excellent choice! And yes, please post pics if you can! :love:
  10. ^^ Thanks Ladies!! I shall post pics ASAP.
  11. For this size, I'll take the Grauffre, its looks more chic!
  12. If you want the same Gauffre I just had better HURRY..My Prada SA SADA at Prada broadway in NY says they are selling out this week.....:wtf: ....
  13. Yes Jill, She said I need to decide by Saturday the latest. I think I'm sold on it though. I'll probably go in later today and seal the deal.:yes:
  14. I love the Gauffre:love: but I think the antic satchel is beautiful too - hard decision - Good Luck:flowers:
  15. They are both so beautiful, it was really a hard choice. In the end I decided to go with the Gauffre. Hopefully I'll be able to pick it up soon... I'm practically counting down the minutes. :yahoo: