Help Deciding Between 2 Cambon Totes

  1. I have never posted in the Chanel forum before. Normally these bags are way out of my price range, even though I think they're awesome. I finally have enough money to buy a Chanel Cambon tote, and an SA at Neiman Marcus was able to track down one for me, but I'm hesitating and need some help. Since I'll be spending so much money on it, what do you think I should get? The one I originally asked for was the black leather with the white CC on it. Now though, I'm wondering if I should get something more classic that will go with everything, like the black leather with the black patent CC's. What do you think? Which is the better choice?

    Any help/opinions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    (I'm sorry for starting a new thread about this. I tried doing a search for Chanel Cambon Totes but the search function doesn't seem to be working for me, the page it took me to was just blank. I must be having browser issues.)
  2. How about look at the Cotton Club totes? Similar, but more plush leather. New for spring 07
  3. Both are gorgeous and you'd be happy with any of these two. I personally love the white and black contrast, but if you are intending to use it for everyday, the patent black might be your best bet. The white can get dirty, but I've heard that it can be cleaned using babywipes.

    Congrats on your Cambon Tote to be! =)
  4. The SA originally showed me those, but I don't like the big zipper going across the one corner, and I don't know if I'd like the chain handles since it would be an everyday bag. I'm not sure how comfortable they'd be. Plus, I just really love the smoothness of the Cambon style, as opposed to the more wrinkly looking Cotton Club leather. Thanks for the suggestion though. :smile: I just saw the Cambon style a year or so ago and have wanted one ever since.
  5. Thanks for the reply. :smile: I was able to look at a bunch of Cambon pics in the Reference Library and I really think I'm leaning toward the black with the black patent CC's. Hopefully the SA won't shoot me, and will be able to locate one. *L*
  6. I'd go for the black w/the black patent logo.
    Good luck with your bag search! Hope you find what you are looking for!:yes:
  7. i got the black with white ccs very recently as my first chanel. i do love it, but in hindsight, i wonder if i would have been happier with the patent ccs.
    i would try to locate one if it would prease you more. i did see one at the NM Short Hills NJ recently, so your SA should be able to find one....good luck and congrats!
  8. Boston Chanel had one last week, hope it's not gone yet. But I personlly like white CC, :smile: more fun...
  9. i would vote for the black with black patent.
  10. I have the medium tote, black with white CC. But I also want the black with patent black CC.......I think the black/white one is more casual, but the black on black and be more dressy or casual. I'd recomend the black on black, JMO :smile:
  11. I think black on black will be more timeless and itis more unique and less copied...
  12. Black on black. It's much classier, imo.
  13. Both are nice whatever color you go for.
  14. I love both!! But the black with white CC is hard to maintain. I had that combination for the wallet and the CC started turning a little grey. :sad: Rem to post some pics when u get your Cambon bag!! :yes:
  15. Black on black imo, but I do like how the black and white looks