Help deciding between 2 bags (r/o)

  1. So I have the GD Charlotte in black on its way in (can't wait).

    But now I also want an Andrea Brueckner saddle bag in black. I already have this bag in tan so I know that I like the shape and fit.

    Which bag do you think looks nicer and more "timeless?"

    I can't really get both now, can I ;)
  2. Get both!
  3. Go for the GD since you already have the AB in another color. If time goes by and the AB still calls out to you, then get it then.
  4. ^^ Completely agree.
  5. AD saddle bags are readily available, you can decide when your black Charlotte arrives. If you like GD, then you can go from there (more fund for another or not). If GD doesn't meet your expectation, return it and get black AD saddle bag.

    BTW, revolveclothing is offering 30% off, check out deals&steals thread.
  6. Post pics when your GD arrives!