help deciding b/w bags for a chanel newbie

  1. Hi, i do have a vintage red chanel bag, but i never wear it b/c it's too small to hold all of my everyday essentials. so...i really want a gray-colored chanel bag. i found this one on eBay (eBay: New Chanel 2.55 Jumbo Authentic Grey Bag (item 300067824243 end time Jan-16-07 20:34:38 PST)), and i love the distressed leather, but I'm worried it's too large, and i don't love that it doesn't have the cc's on the front (i know it's the old style that they brought back). then i went to the chanel boutique in soho yesterday, and they have a gray flap bag, but the leather is shiny, which bothers me a bit. it is a slightly smaller size (i think 12" x 8" or so) and has the cc's. plus it's less expensive, but i keep thinking about the distressed leather on the eBay one. i'm having a hard time weighing the pros and cons of each, and i wonder what i'd have thought had i seen the bag in the store before this one on eBay. if anyone has a jumbo bag the size of the ebay one, does it feel really huge (i'm only 5' 2"!)? if you have any pics of you carrying the jumbo, i'd love to see them. ok, sorry for writing so much!
    any suggestions would be welcome! thanks:p
  2. Hi there,
    I am about 5'2" and a size 2. I don't have the jumbo, but here is me with the large size which measures about 12" across, I think. Hopefully someone will show you the jumbo but I thought this might help.
    BTW, I looooovvveee the reissue and prefer to the classic in either caviar or lambskin. is the classic bag you are considering caviar or lambskin?
    a white chanel.jpg
  3. Thank you for the picture! That's great. I believe yours is the size of the one I saw in the store, and it seems like it might suit me better, given my size. I probably would have to sacrifice some of the 'everyday' stuff I carry around, but a lot of what's in my bag I never use. I've been carrying around a spy bag, and you can really cram a lot in there! I'm not sure what the difference between caviar and lambskin is, but the one in the store was quilted and a bit shiny, not matte/worn, like the one on the ebay listing.
  4. ambrosered, i love the reissue that you have pictured in the ebay auction. it's one of my favorite bags.
    if you feel the reissue is "missing" the CC's but are looking for a grey bag, the modern chain came in a grey, but it's not grey like the reissue is... i heard it was a bit more taupe-y.
  5. thanks jennifer, i actually ordred the reissue last night from Saks. i think i'm over the 'missing' cc's thing. i just can't wait to see it in person!