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Which do you like better?

  1. Trevi PM

  2. Trevi GM

  3. Tivoli PM

  4. Tivoli GM

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ladies,

    Which do you like better, the Trevi PM/GM, or the Tivoli PM/GM?

    Also, are those purses sold out everywhere?
  2. TREVi GM !
  3. Tivoli GM! There were still several at the boutique near me in MA...
  4. I voted for the Tivoli gm, but the Trevi pm is really starting to grow on me
  5. Do you think these bags will be classics? I am afraid that the shape is "trendy"??
  6. ~Tivoli GM:love:~
  7. Tivoli PM for sure, such a great size and I love the little charm on the tivoli bags.
  8. I love the Tivoli GM as it is so stylist.
  9. Trevi!!!
  10. Tivoli GM. :yes:
  11. Trevil GM gets my vote.
  12. Tivoli GM :love:
  13. Out of ALL of these choices, definitely the TREVI PM. It's just so classy and gorgeous!!! Love the red lining, love the chocolate leather. It's a no worry bag. I'm hoping to have one of these bags someday......
  14. tivoli
  15. Love the Trevi but the Tivoli GM gets my vote. If only it were in Damier...