help decide on sophia color please

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  1. I'm checking out lots of options for Sophia and although I think white is classic, very versatile, I'm so drawn to colors like petal pink, lavender and sap green, etc. I'm only looking for one so which do you think is best? For spring/summer use essentially. should i just go with white or a color? Suggestions/ testimonials please..I'm sure many of you use lots of colors but I tend to stick with a couple per season..
  2. sap green! i personally do not own sap green, but i saw the colour. beautiful! can work with any season, summer or winter, and can be easily dressed up (with an all black outfit at night..) or down (with white linen in a sunny day...)
  3. Sap Green is hands down my favorite MJ color! I have a Venetia in that color. It looks great with everything, and it's not a shade that you see often.
  4. I agree, sap green is fabulous! I was at target today looking for a cheap bag to bring on my trip and my eyes were only drawn to the green bags.... I think pink doesn't work too well in the fall/winter, whereas green can be carried off well all year round. I would love to bring my apple green Polina on my trip because it's summer over there, but I've decided against it because of the heat and the possibility of dirt. :sad:
  5. Cecelia, color is a personal preference.
    Which color family do you like? If you like pink, get Petal; according to magazines, pink is back. If you are drawn to green, go for Sap Green. So on & so on.....

    I am not a fan of green/blue/brown, pink is one of my favorite colors. I can work pink into my wardrobe, but not green. I can only decide for myself. What matters is what you like, go with what your heart tells you.

  6. Hiya..I have 4 whites versions and one sap. I carry the sap ALL THE TIME ALL SEASONS. I love the bag..I have the venetia and it has the gorgeous navy stitching and suede lining. Lots of compliments. I am drawn to buying whites alot but I seldom carry them and they are all great styles so it's the color that sends me to the sap. hope this helps and good luck. maggie
  7. PS..Bag.lover is dead on. mags
  8. thanks guys. I do know what I"m drawn to, all of them! lol But seriously, I'm asking because I have mostly all neutral bags and really like the white for practical purposes but just didnt want to regret buying a colored bag because I didnt use it as much as I love it's color. I LOVE pink and could probably work it with many outfits but was just curious what others have found to work for them :yes: Thanks! cecelia
  9. Cecelia, tPFer Sugarstarfish posted a picture of her Soft Calf Blake (in Petunia):
  10. I have dark hair and very fair complexion, Pink gives me a happy and feminine look. I am told by many people that Pink (compared to other colors), it doesn't hurt that I love Pink. =) I wear a lot of neutral colors for work so Pink brightens up my outfits.

    Like Maggie, I buy a lot of light colored bags (such as white, cream) as well, the fact that it requires more TLC doesn't bother me. I bought Linen (off-white) Blake, White Chiffon quilted Elise, YSL's Ivory Muse, Celine's Cream Cladestine, Celine's White Dorine Satchel, etc.
  11. Well in that case, you should def go with the pink color, if it works best with your wardrobe and that's what you're attracted to. You really can carry off any color any time of the year, depending how you work it into your outfit. Let us know what you decide!
  12. It sounds like you're leaning toward the pink...go with your gut. I love the white shades of bags, but pink and sap green are also lovely. Good luck, can't wait to see what you decide!
  13. The pink is a very versatile color! I have a small venetia in pink and love to use it in the spring and summer seasons. The sophia can also be worn with casual outfits and dressier clothes. I hope you get your bag soon so we can check out the pictures!
  14. I just bought a sophia in violet ...Don't kill me..Haven't posted pics yet..Just came off 3 days of Christmas baking..I make hundreds and deliver huge cookie boxes to our vendors...Anyway...I LOVE the color and I LOVE the sophia! I am the same way..Lots of neutral bags....This color is fun, vibrant and makes the bag really stand out...If it doesn't already b/c it's an mj!!! So glad I jumped the bridge and opted for such a neat color! I'll post pics when I get a chance and you'll see what I mean...I'd do it now but I'm in my bath robe and frankly so exhausted I can't move...Just enough energy to catch up on what I've missed on the pf!! lol! Go for color!!! :heart: Emmy
  15. yey! violet! (is this the dark purple-ish colour? pardon me, i am an MJ novice)