HELP DECIDE ... Michael Kors Black-Sapphire Large Selma/ Sapphire Medium Dressy Tote/

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  1. I Love them all but I would like to buy one for now. So which one you ladies think it's the perfect for everyday use and classy ? Which one would go best with t-shirt, jeans, & leggings(solid color). I only dress up during special occasion or whenever I feel like it which I don't know when is that lol so which bag should I go with?

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  2. Sapphire dressy ! I am in love !
  3. Right now, I'm really loving the sapphire Dressy!!!! :smile:
  4. sapphire large
  5. Sapphire large sutton. Second choice would be the Selma. :smile:
  7. Is the medium large enough for you? If not, department stores (macys, Nordstrom, etc) have the large.

  11. I just got the sapphire medium sutton for valentines day and I am in love! Its a great colour for all season and is less dressy than my salma (I have it in the gray).
  12. I like the Dressy/Sutton style more than the Selma. None of those colors are really me so I don't know which one I'd go for, but definitely the Dressy/Sutton!
  13. Selma
  14. I think I'm going for the Selma ... Thanks you Ladies
  15. sapphire dressy!