Help decide? Just bought Sahara GSH??

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    Hi ya all,
    Just got back from Neiman's and bought this City GSH Sahara City. Just flip flopping about the color a little as I am use to darker bags and always worry about light color's with either rub off on them or dirt showing more. What is your views. I want to keep her so bad have nothing in neutral. Thanks!:confused1:
  2. Could you just carry it on your shoulders with the handles? that way you shouldn't get any color transfer. usually dark jeans are the culprits for that!
  3. Comete, it is BEAUTIFUL:yahoo: The 2010 Sahara is so evenly saturated and looks very good with both SGH and RH. My lightest bbag is a White First from 2006 and it holds up very well, no color transfer from i.e. jeans.

    I have just bought a Sahara SGH City myself from HGbags and will get it in a couple of days, now that I have seen yours I'm even more excited!!! Can't wait! You MUST keep yours, it is stunning:tup::woohoo::ps:
  4. I pulled it out at home and after examining it seems as though it could have been a return? There is slight areas that look a little dirty to me. I think I will go back tomorrow and I know the SA may be a little peeved. But hate to spend that kind of money and be unsure. I am awaiting the Red Rouge Vermillion GGH from Erica. I think they had a Green w/GSH, Sorbet GSH did not look that good with my coloring,Black GSH,popure GSH more burgandy red I am considering unless just go with black GSH. Guess I can wrestle with decision until tomorrow.
  5. I think I just may have decided, I called the SA and asked her to put the Red, not sure if it is Pomegrante, or the Pourpe, but it is a deeper red and I love the Reds, so will exchange for that w/GSH. Then will have 2 variations of the Red family one Silver deeper red and one w/ gold a brighter red. I have seen that several others on here collect several in the Red family as well. :lol:
  6. ^I have several reds as well, Rouge Theatre, Tomato, Ruby and Poupre. Love a red Bal!! And if you are not 100% satisfied with your bag, I say return it! Most important thing is that you are happy with your purchase. I do not have any beiges and have been waiting for the perfect one, so I really looking forwards to my Sahara SGH City from Erica.
  7. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and hope that it does work for you! I know I will be pleased with the Red. They always make a great POP of color. I have a terrific Red leather St. John jacket that I just love in a Chanel like quilting I love to wear for the punch of color. :smile: