Help Decide between the 2 Ponds..

  1. I still can't decide between the Pond Patent Hobo or Pond Patent Tote.. lol I don't know which one will be the better one for me.. if you have this bag can you please let me know how you like it wtc.. or any pics of how your stuff fits in the bag? does anyone know if the hobo falls over one you set it dow somewhere? thanks



  2. I prefer the hobos. The tote straps never stay on my shoulder.
  3. the hobos seem to be pretty comfortable rite
  4. Get the hobo!!!!! :tup: Have you tried them on? What is right for one of us may not be right for another. I totally prefer the hobo hands down for looks as well as use. But that is just me. :shrugs:
  5. I like the hobo (but I also like the tote!) I do think the strap on the hobo would stay on my shoulder better. I have a problem with two-strap bags, where one of the straps always falls off. Let us know what you decide!
  6. I have never purchased a ergo tote, but the hobos are very comfortable under the arm and hold quite a bit.

    My vote: the hobo!
  7. I ended up returning my pond Ergo hobo. Since it was the medium sized hobo, I didn't like how the bag hit me right under my arm. I so wish that Coach would have decided to make the pond color available in the large sized Ergo hobo.
  8. No I havent been able to try it on.. noone has patent leather around here ehh
  9. I'd recommend ordering both bags so that you can compare them side by side. You can always return for a full refund the one that you don't like.
  10. I already own a regular leather tote and love it. I have placed an order for the patent pond tote. I tried the hobo on at the store, but for me the hobo is too small. Had it been the large hobo my decision might have been different.

    ETA: I usually have the following in my tote... mini skinny, cellphone, makeup case, sunglasses, spare glasses, gloves, water bottle, pill bottle, and a zip around wallet/card case from dooney
  11. I owned both the medium hobo and medium tote last summer. The tote DOES stand up on its own, is much roomier than the hobo, still very lightweight and has the dogleash closure. It can be worn on the shoulder but I agree with the above posters, the second strap sometimes wants to fall off. The medium hobo is definitely a medium bag (not as roomy as the tote) the hobos from last summer had shorter straps so it did fit right under the armpit BUT if this patent hobo is like the Fall/Winter hobos with the longer strap, then it is very comfortable to wear. Hobo also has a zip close if this is important to you.(it is for me) I REALLY liked both for different reasons...when I needed a larger bag, hands down its the Ergo tote but for an everyday bag I like a more secure zip closure and smaller bag so I chose the hobo.
  12. I definetely prefer the hobo over the tote on this particular bag.
  13. does anyone know if the new patent pond hobo has the londer straps on it like the fall/winter hobos or the shorter ones?
  14. Oh...that's a toughie! Well, consider these you prefer a more souchy bag (hobo) or a more structured bag(tote). What's your style like? What's more YOU? Good luck deciding! My personal opinion is I like the hobo best in this color!
  15. I just hope the straps are long enough on it for me etc