Help! Debate if I should keep

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  1. Hello I bought this Twist handbag but I am debating if I should keep or not. Feel like this bag is not that popular and on trend. What do you guys think ?

    Do you think this purse is worth $3500 + tax ?

    thinking for this price .. if I should get a lady Dior for $500 more or a boy Chanel for $1500 more ?
    What do you guys think ?

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  2. If you don’t like it, return it.
  3. Here’s what I think- I went exactly through this last month. After buying only Chanel, I wanted to branch out into another brand. I chose LV because it seems cool, chic and current while also classic. I looked online. I couldn’t really find anything I loved. I ended up ordering a dauphine mm reverse mono, returned it. Then I thought I wanted a pochette Métis, so I tried that. Returned it. Lastly, I looked at the on the go both mm and gm, and was very disappointed. I realized that these bags are just not worth 3500, 4K plus. I’d rather pay that money towards a Chanel; the best of the best IMO (I’m not a fan of Hermes styles, rigid and not for me). So I returned everything and got a Chanel 19 bag and never looked back. Very soon in the next couple of weeks, Chanel will be launching their next collection, spring summer act 2, and there are some really nice pieces you may want to consider instead of an LV. Some nice renditions on the classics as well as some cool new flaps and styles.
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  4. I think you should return.
  5. I personally love the LV Twist. But I do not buy bags because they are on trend, I buy what I think is pretty. In my opinion, the Twist is nicer than a Chanel Boy. I would not necessarily choose a Twist over a classic flap, but I do not care for the Boy bags at all. If you are having doubts, I would return.
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  6. There's a golden rule I like to apply to a purchase - if you don't absolutely love it, return it. It just won't be used. You'll be like "meh" every time you see it in your closet and at that money it isn't worth it.
    I'm with you Amanda Casey, I'd rather spend the money on a Chanel.
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  7. I love the twist bag, I have different styles.i think it is a popular style but you have to like it...I’d be worried the white would get color transfer. It is a stunning bag and lvoe the gold hardware with the white...
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  8. You have to love it! If you are not sure—then return it. It’s just way too much money to risk it being a closet bag—and I’ve had a few of those!
  9. I think if you have to ask whether you should return, you should return and buy something that you want no matter others opinions.
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  10. Feel like LV just doesn’t make my mind firm so maybe I should wait for Chanel new styles then. Thank you For your suggestion ! It’s so hard to choose sometimes. I like it but I don’t like the price haha.
  11. I have 3 Chanel purse. One is classic flip and one is jumbo flap. And I have one new medium boy Chanel but I think it’s too big for me. They r all black color. I like this purse because it’s white color and the Lv logo twist turn but I am just debating if this purse worth $3500. If I keep it.. I am planning to use as a daily purse.
  12. sounds like you're on the fence.... I'd also say return... go to Dior and Chanel, try on bags & see what makes your heart flutter:heart:
  13. I agree. If you don’t completely love it and feel it’s not worth the price tag, then return it. I, too like the LV Twist but for the price tag, I don’t think I’ll ever buy it. I personally don’t like epi leather either so it’s just a style that’s not completely my taste. Chanel or Dior might be better for you.
  14. Yes let me go check it out and see which one I like the most . Thank you
  15. Maybe I will wait til I travel to Europe since it’s over $1k cheaper .