Help! Deal or no deal? Nude Petit Rat

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  1. Was wondering if US$330 is a good deal for this nude Petit Rat?

    Apparently it retailed for £330 in the UK and then went on saIe but not sure how much it went for. I'm considering purchasing them from a girl who got them from the UK sale. Still below US retail price right?

    Haven't seen this IRL but thought they looked pretty. Help please! TIA!


  2. Are you buying for it for 330 UK or US dollars? If it's $330, I'd say that's a pretty good deal. The nude is a really nice color - I personally do not like the squarish toe box on the Petit rat, but if you like them, go for it!
  3. Thanks cllover. The seller is selling it for US$330. :smile: It'll be my first squarish toe box pair if I buy it.
  4. If you are okay with the heel height, I would say yes! Nice to have different toe shapes too.
  5. If you love them, get them- they're not a bad price. however, keep in mind that nude kid leather gets dirty very easily- even from fingerprints and stuff.
  6. ^I heard that too! Make sure you spray them before anything else!

    I got them in Luggage for around that price US from the Nordstrom sale. I love them!
  7. I have these in black and would love them in nude!! So pretty.