Help! deadline coming fast!

  1. Don't ever remodel more than one room at the same time. :hysteric: I'm remodeling my bathroom and kitchen at the same time and its been a royal headache. It's close to D-day and i'm just now looking for furniture. We like the earthy regal look of iron and wood. Can anyone suggest any good sites that they've had experience with? I've found several that have nice stuff, like, but i've not done business with them before. has anyone out there? any suggestions please :tup:
  2. Hey guys, I forgot who emailed me and helped with my decision. but i did call Very nice and good prices. Got my 4 barstools in today and they're wonderful.:yahoo: Elegant and sturdy enough to take the abuse from my 3 children. the model was Etrushe or something close to that spelling.

    Thanks again for your help! I highly recommend that company:tup: