HELP! Day vs Hobo


Stiffness of Handles - Day vs Hobo

  1. Day's handle is stiffer/harder than the Hobo's

  2. No difference in stiffness for Day and Hobo's handles

  3. Hobo's handle is stiffer/harder than the Day's

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  1. Does anyone own both the Day and the Hobo? Do you find any difference in the handles? TIA!! :smile:
  2. Anyone??
  3. I won't be much help, as I have no personal experience with this question, but I just wanted to reply and let you know that I did read it. I just can't help. Hopefully someone who knows will reply.
  4. sorry- i dont know anything about the stiffness of either handle.
  5. ^^ the day's handle is stiffer!!! :tup:

    p.s. my hobo's handle's limp as a noodle :p
  6. ^lol. Mine is pretty flexible too (VG GH Hobo). I have a Day coming in the mail, I can answer as soon as I get it :smile:

  7. I agree with aaa :tup:

    The hobo hangs lower on the body as well because the handle is longer :yes:
  8. I love my Day...I don't have a hobo to compare it with...but the strap on my day starts out a bit on the stiffer side but within a day of use feels great!
  9. I have the day, and did think it was a little stiff for less than a week. I had a hobo and sent it back. I didn't think it stayed up on my shoulder very well and I also adore how the day slouches:tup:.
  10. I have owned both. I agree that the day handle starts out stiffer, but it does soften with use. I much prefer the day bag, FWIW. But I carry a LOT.
  11. I had a day and sold it and am now desperately searching for another one that rocks my socks off! I looove this style and how great it looks on casual days. The hobo just doesn't do it for me. Sorry!
  12. I have both and both handles will soften but I much prefer the hobo it's easy to find stuff in it compared to the day.
  13. I don't know about stiffness of handles. The Giant bag handles in general and wider and have double whipstitching. My Giant Work handle is no stiffer than my Blueberry Work which is older and broken in. I would go for the Day bag over the Giant Hobo.