Help! David Yurman Bracelet ?

  1. Please help me decide what to do! I've had a DY Renaisssace bracelet for 3 years. The other day I noticed a small dent in one of the cables near the cap. I was in NM & left it there for repair. They called & said that DY couldn't repair the dent, but offered me a new one for $1035. A regular new one is $2,575. The dent is very small, so should I just get my old one back, or pay for a new one. I'm very picky about everying, and it would bother me some to look at the dent. lol. Also, would you get the same amethyst color, or for a change, get the peridot? I have another small one with amethyst, but I think it would be cool to mix them. Please give me your opinions. Thanks.Here are some pics.
    dy1.jpg dy2.jpg
  2. well as long as you can get yours back, I'd take the new one in a different color for that price (you could always sell it for more than you paid!!)

  3. :yes: :wlae:
  4. I say keep it if it is not really a bad dent...the monetary difference you could use to buy another piece.

    (They will keep the dented bracelet right? And sell you the new one for $1035...not give you the bracelet back and let you pay $1035 for another...just wanted to clarify)
  5. Yes, they will keep my old bracelet, so I'm out $1035 for a tiny dent. lol. NM emailed DY to see what other colors I could exchange for or if I can get one with different colored stones. I really liked that green one in my first post. My bracelet has dark amethyst stones on the ends. I'm wondering if maybe the green would show up more. Anyway, they're not getting back to me until Mon., so I have till then to decide.
  6. Honestly, I would keep yours unless you are really anal and it would drive you nuts!!!

    I mean it is not like they are giving you an amazing deal. If you want a color change I suppose you need to think about it, but you could really take that $1000K and put it towards another lovely piece.

    They have so many nice things out now...

    well, you have my vote...hope it helps
  7. Thanks Kellybag. I do admit that I'm a little OCD, & if it were a big dent, I wouldn't hesitate to get a new one. Thanks for your opinion.
  8. Sorry, I misread your post. Now that I know they are going to keep your bracelet, I would have to agree with Kellybag. Unless it is so noticeable that you can not wear the bracelet anymore, I think charging you over $1000 is a little out of proportion and you should seriously think about how much the dent really bothers you...Hope everything works out for you!
  9. Keep your original bracelet. If you look at it this way--you would be paying $1035 to fix a dent--it's kind of an expensive "repair" job.
  10. So you already paid over 2K for the bracelet, and now they want it back plus another 1000? So all in, you'll spend over 3000 for the piece - that doesn't sound like any kind of deal at all. I'd keep it and take the 1000 and buy yourself another great piece...