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  1. Hi purseblog members!

    My friend's friend is selling her LV MINI LIN MARINA GM to me. The date code is SL1021. I'm afraid that its fake because I think those seasonal LV MINI LIN line was produced 2007-2008? (Am I right? Because in the official LV website, the bag is under -> CRUISE COLLECTION 08 - MINI LIN CROISETTE) How come the date code ends with 1 meaning 2001?

  2. Hiya - probably best to move to the "authenticate this thread".....:okay:
  3. Yeah that sounds weird to me...Do you have any pictures of it??
  4. [​IMG][​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Doesn't look like mine!!! This bag is very wide...mine is longer
  7. Kate... Just one look and that marina looks all wrong like what sweet pea says. Mine is the PM and my friend has the GM... The base of the GM is definitely broader than what is in your pics ...

    I can go back and check my date code and let you know later -- the GM should not be far off.
  8. i'd like to take a guess at it (to see if i've learned anything anyway):

    was it made 2nd week of january, 2001 ==> january 2001?
    but don't know what SL is?

    i'm only going on date code-not look of bag or authenticity of bag (i'm not an expert at authenticating all LV's at all)...just taking a guess on date code here...
  9. Please post in the authenticate this thread ! :yes:

    The more pictures, the better, especially of the heat stamp and the hardware. :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.