HELP! darwin leather on effie

  1. hi....

    as my first mulberry, i have been super careful not to spoil the leather.... i have used the recommended collonil spray and buffed it up and the bottom, back and under the flap of the bag have come up really nice.... but the flap is quite patchy and not the same as the other parts of the leather.....

    is this usual?

    thanks X:tup:
  2. Darwin is untreated leather so it will wear. It has been designed to go vintagey looking. It does show age so there's not much you can do about it looking a bit uneven. I'd just keep treating with Collonil & giving it a buff every now & then. As it ages it'll get a great mellow look.
  3. Has it dried fully yet?
  4. yeah..... its like tiny little shadows have appeared on the flap but not anywhere else on the bag.....

    its not totally noticable and will prob blend in given time, but its annoying me knowing they are there!:rolleyes:
  5. It'll just add to the character and make it an individual ! that's how I have to think when a little imperfection is bugging me!