Help! Damier Speedy 25 or 30?

  1. I use to not like Damier, and then as I read TPF, I started to like it. Then all of a sudden today I saw a girl holding a Damier 25 and I can't stop thinking about it!!!
    I have a mono 30 Speedy but I don't like to bring it to work, so I was thinking that a Damier would be perfect for work. So now I am back to the famous question: 25 or 30? I have a 30 Mono already and I do find that it is a lot of room. But I like it!! But then the 25's are so cute too! And maybe it would be good to have the bag in a different size so I can rationalize it is completly different? Help! What would you get?
  2. How tall are you, if you don't mind me asking?
  3. It already is completely different- no rationalization necessary! Feel free to get a 30 if you want, it will still look totally different!
  4. I would go for the 30.
  5. well my suggestion would be depends on how tall are you...IMO if more than 5'4, 30 is looks better if shorter than 25 is better
  6. I felt the same about Damier until I saw a young woman with a large one...possibly a 35. She was exiting the mall as I was entering earlier this past week. It caught my eye immediately. She looked great with it. Great jeans..great heels and just a nice top with a cashmere wrap cardigan. And she had the Damier on her arm.
    I just loved it from that point on. Once I saw it could look great on and with nice colors (she had on a lime green colored cashmere cardigan). I will definitely purchase it at some point.
    Just purchased the Azur and love that one!

    Also, I had the same question about size. IMO I don't think there is a huge differece between the 25 and the 30. The 25 is a nice sized bag. I have the mono 30 and Azur 25. I think it's just a preference but you will be happy with either size. I love both of mine equally and I can carry both well. I'm 5'5 and average weight---not too thin---not fat at all--just and It's fine on me! I was thinking the 25 would be a tiny little bag. It's far from that really.
  7. 30 would be a nice choice
  8. I'm 5'2. I know that the smaller size would probably look better on me, but I don't mind the Mono 30 on me. this is so crazy how something as little as this is such a monumental decision!!
  9. I would go with the 25. the 30 sags to much for my taste.
  10. Good luck with your decison.
  11. If you already like the 30 and know it works for you, then I'd say stick with it!
  12. another vote for the 25!
  13. I like the 30 better. Good luck on deciding!
  14. I like 25. It is a perfect size for me since I don't carry a lot of stuff.
  15. I went with the 25, but I'm someone who doesn't carry a TON of stuff in my bag. If you don't think you can fit all your stuff comfortably in a 25 I'd go with the 30.