Help: Damier Papillon

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  1. OK, so now that I've decided I want the Papillon 30 in Damier and not Mono, I found this on eBay.

    This auction ends in 2 days. The seller's feedback looks pretty good, especially the most recent ones, so I'm hopeful that this bag is real. I think it's being sold for so low because it comes without the accessory pouch.

    What do you guys think? If it's real, should I get it, even without the pouch? Or should I spend the extra $300 and get a brand-new one with the pouch?
  2. also, for those of you who have the Papillon 30 -- regardless of Damier or Mono -- do you use the accessory pouch, and if yes, what for?
  3. I have the mono pouch but not the pap.(my mom has that) and i use it for make up.
  4. i love my little pouch and i switch it to all my other bags too b/c it has the d ring!! I usually put some make up in it or gum just little things !!
  5. Buy one from LV! Then you get the pouch and peace of mind! I have a Pap 30 and I use the baby for an evening bag!
  6. you can buy from LV and sell the pouch back on eBay and get a couple hundred off from the cost if you arent going to use the pouch.
  7. I have the damier pap and I don't use the baby pap. It doesn't fit most of my makeups but I think you can use it as a coin pouch. As an evening bag sounds cute too.
  8. hmmm....ok....

    but what do you guys think of the auction?
  9. Seems legit to me.
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