Help.. Damier or Monogram papillion?!

  1. I need help girls!!
    I'm thinking of getting a papillion26 but i can't decide which to get. Damier or Monogram?! :confused1:
  2. I like the damier.
  3. definitely Damier! it looks so much more classy :yes:
  4. Damier :yes:
  5. Thanks girls!!! Think i got my answer now :smile:
  6. I agree with everyone else, so far, Damier. It looks so classy, and is perfect for fall/winter. No vachetta to worry about. :smile:
  7. Monogram!!!
  8. Damier.
  9. in general, i prefer the monogram to damier, but in papillon design, damier wins hands down! so classic!
  10. damierr i've been wanting one forever, can't go wrong with that =]
  11. For a Papillion, I think Damier is so much nicer! :yes:
  12. Damier
  13. I prefer the Damier in the Papillon
  14. Absolutely Damier!
  15. Wow it seems we love the Papillon in Damier? lol