HELP! Damier Ebene Speedy or Epi Red

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  1. I need help and I need it quick. I think I want a Damier speedy in ebene but in order for me to get it, I would have to give up a bag I own.

    So, should I give up the epi red 30 for the damier ebene 30? Or the mono 30?

    I am so indecisive. Can someone please help?

  2. I would keep the epi red, that is my absolute fav bag from LV!
  3. I have a thing for Damier so I say Damier =)
  4. I've got both so I can't help either! :roflmfao:
  5. I vote for the Damier!
  6. I say keep the epi...
  7. me too:graucho:
  8. If the Epi has brass hardware then I would keep that b/c they don't make it that way anymore. If the Epi has silver hardware, then keep the monogram.
  9. Good thought. My epi has gold hardware.
  10. I vote Damier
  11. Totally keep it!! I don't see them ever changing the hardware on the monogram (if they did that would be very shocking and gross). And the monogram can be rebought very easily (it's still on the cheaper end of the LV scale even when factoring in the price increases). Keep the Epi. I wanted the red Epi Speedy but refuse to buy it now b/c of the hardware issue. Good luck, let us know what you decide.
  12. Keep the red epi... it's beautiful!
  13. I am a sucker for damier as well but since you have the gold hardware then keep that one. :smile: you can always get the damier later
  14. ^ I "think" she definitely wants the Damier, but she is asking for advice on which of her existing purses (mono or Epi) to sell to fund it. Am I right OP? That was the basis of my answer.
  15. You are correct. Didn't know which one I should give up......not even sure if I can give up the mono......:crybaby: