Help!! Damier Azur Speedy 30 or Black Epi Speedy 30?

  1. Help me decide!

    I don't know what to do!! LOL
  2. Go for the Azur Speedy 30, cuz that's what I'm planning on getting. LOL!! I can't wait!!
  3. lol :smile:

    RU worried about what it will look like when the patina develops?
  4. Gosh those are two totally different bags. I would get the black epi since you can use it now (Fall/Winter). The Damier you can get later when you can acutally use it!?!
  5. get the Epi. i don't like the Azur line, and it's going to look really funny when the vachetta oxidizes and gets darker
  6. Hee hee yeah they are totally different!!

    I just worry about getting tired of the Azur...

    but the black epi speedy is like $900 or so....for like $100 more, I could get the Saleya GM!! What to do?!
  7. Well you wouldn't have to worry about patina at all with the Epi, but there's something about the Azur line that is calling my name. LOL!!
  8. :smile: I wish I could just get all 3!!! LOL

    The other thing that I worry about is that I already have 2 Damier and one Mono...would getting the Azur or the Epi be overkill, since these are my ONLY LV bags? Should I try to expand my collection abit more diversely??
  9. There are alot of people that have more than one speedy, me included. I have the Damier Speedy 25, Mono Speedy 30, Red Epi Speedy 25, and I just sold my Mono Speedy 25 not too long ago. We just love our Speedies. LOL!!
  10. Speedy is my fav as well...I just worry that having ONLY Speedys is not the smartest way to go. I can totally see having many many Speedys if you have a fab collection of all sorts of different LV bags such as Yeux:smile:

    I, however, am very new to the LV obsession--dang TPF!! LOL

    I wonder if maybe getting the Saleya would be the best move...damier is so low maintenence...
  11. I think a Saleya would be a great choice! :yes:
  12. I love the look of the Saleya. You can't go wrong with that TDF bag.
  13. Ugh I really really wish that I could just get all three!! :smile:

    Does anyone know if the Saleya lining bleeds like the Damier Speedy?
  14. I love the speedy! IMO I think it would be fine to have then in every design!
  15. LOL Eventually I want to add a Mini Lin to my collection too!! Speedy galore!!!