Help! Damier Alma or MC Speedy


Damier Alma or MC White Speedy

  1. Get that MC White Speedy

  2. Damier Alma's a Classic

  3. Both are yucky... *Belch*

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  1. Somehow, I've been mystically drawn to the shapes of the Damier Alma and the MC White Speedy as of late but I"m not too sure which would be a better choice?

    I wear lots of jeans with collar tops to work and altough I love my pink denim baggy GM very much (matches wonderfully!),
    I'm thinking of getting something else that I can throw around more and I've noticed some parts of my denim whereby the fuchsia isn't as bright as I first bought it, I don't wanna wear it down... :cry: But am wondering if the MC Speedy is too heavy and will it look good after patina as I've seen some real :yucky: MCs with :yucky: patina.

    Help me chooooooooose!!:shame::sad:
  2. Definitely the Damier if you're worried about patina- it's a gorgeous peice whose maturity will contrast well with your denim baggy.
  3. I am just a nut for the Damier!
  4. For something you can throw around I'll vote Damier:love: :flowers:
  5. Dameir! Demier!:love: I luv Damier! Alma w/ demier looks gorgeous:roflmfao:
  6. I voted for the white MC speedy because I love that bag :love: . I have a black MC speedy but am always wondering if I should get the white, too. As for the Damier Alma, I love the Alma shape but don't really like the Damier version of it. I love the Epi Alma, though. If you're looking for a roomier bag, the MC speedy is definitely roomier, but the Alma is much, much lighter. Hope this helps!
  7. I would die for a Damier Alma! It is gorgeous and will fit a ton, look fantastic with jeans, and you will never have to worry about vachetta!
  8. Damier Alma! No vachetta to patina.
  9. For a classic look, I'll pick Damier Alma. But if you want a summery look, then go with MC Speedy. I like both of them, too.
  10. MC speedy for suuureee :P
  11. I love both the MC Speedy and the Damier Alma! But what would be a better choice?! I need serious help, White MC would mean easy stains, no? *Confused and worried*
  12. i voted for the MC Speedy... i totally LOVE this bag... great for everyday use... its just SO fresh looking... BUT if you are really worried about stains etc... then yeah go for the damier... good luck **hugs**
  13. tough decision! i vote for the damier alma although i love both. but because of the patina and the stains the damier is a better choice.
  14. As you already have a beautiful colorful bag I voted for the Damier Alma :yes:
  15. Damier Alma!:love: