HELP damaged MC speedy GOT Ripped off

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  1. Ok my Friend saw an add in our newspaper from a lady selling her MC speedy for $1,000, It was said to be in great condtion just small signs of wear. (small scartches on some hardware ect.) Well this moring she came to my house in tears with this bag that looks terrible. It is VERY VERY dirty, The side smells (she said it was worse she put dryer sheets and fabreez on a towel in it) and it has pink stains on it!

    Is there anyway to get these stains off?

    She has tried to call the nuber she called before but it is disconected! The lady has not returned any emails and the box it came in has NO return address.

    She got it a week ago and has heard nothing.
    :crybaby:I feel so bad for her. The lady ghad sent pictures via email and the bag looked BEAUTIFUL in them! so either it was a different bag or something happened after she took the pics. :rant::censor:

  2. That's awful! Can your friend take pictures of the bag and post it here? The seller seems very shady ...
  3. That is so terrible!! People never cease to amaze me...How could someone take $1,000 from someone like that?? I feel so bad for your friend!!
  4. I just added a pic
  5. OMG!!!:wtf: How did she pay the lady? I hope she can get her $$$ back! Keep us posted!
  6. WHAT??? oh, how bad...
    try bring to LV and ask them to clean?
  7. The only problem is we are 4 1/2 hours away from the closest LV
  8. oH DEAR...$1000 for damage good.I hope she paid with CC
  9. This is terrible! How could the seller do this?! This is just unacceptable! Your friend needs to get her money back. This is false advertisement by the seller!:rant:
  10. wow. If it was an ad in your local newspaper how come your friend didnt check out the bag before paying the lady?

    oh man, i dont know what you can do now but I really hope your friend gets her money back!!
  11. You can call the newspaper and see if they can locate her. What a horrible thing to do to someone!
  12. The lady lives about 3 hours way and My friend could not drive a total 6 hours to go get the bag and get back. She works a full time job and is a singel mother of 3 and her days are pretty booked.

  13. She paid by check. ( she can't find the address she had for her though) She is looking
  14. I will tell her to do that!!!!

    Does anyone know anyway to try and get the pink out?
  15. Didn't you have problems with a fake MC speedy a while back? How did that end up, did you get your money back? I hope you & your friend both get your money back & find some nice bags. People who sell these awful bags deserve some heinous Karma!
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