Help! Damaged Chevre... Can anything be done?


Jul 10, 2006
I was ironing recently on one of those small-sized ironing boards and propped it up on a new dark chocolate leather club chair (yes, silly, but I clearly wasn't thinking at the time). The heat from where I rested the iron funneled down from the board onto the metal stand below... which was in contact with the club chair's arm and... well you can imagine the searing damage. When I pulled the ironing board up, there was a rrrrriiiiiiiippppp! that left colorless grooves in the arm. It looked like it had been skinned! (:wtf: )

But thanks to the experiences of the knowledgeable ladies and gentlemen on this board with their H bags, I just dabbed on a smidge of Meltonian cream and rubbed gently. Amazingly, now it's good as new and you'd never be able to tell where the 'scalping' occurred!

Don't know what your agenda looks like now, but I hope it's as simple a fix as that.

Hi Gina,

where can I get this meltonian cream? and what else can it be used for? sorry im sure its posted somewhere on this forum, but I figured you knew and could tell me quickly! TIA!!!:heart:


Well & truly Plumed
Feb 28, 2006
I'm back from H Hilton and they said that it could either be fixed by quick cosmetics or by a full refurb. Phew.

Special thanks to gina_b who held my hand during the awful first minutes of realisation and to all the ladies who took time to wish me well in this thread. You're the best! :love: :flowers: