Help! Damaged Chevre... Can anything be done?

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  1. Hey ladies, I got a stupid GAP sticker on my Rouge Vif agenda and when I took it off, there are parts where the agenda is showing pink (like a tiny strip of polka dots). It's rather small but I can only see that now, nothing else. My boyfriend tried to be helpful but I just got incredibly pissed off at him for saying that it was nothing, barely noticeable.

    Have I completly ruined my agenda or do I need to take it in for cleaning ASAP so that the crafstman can fix it?

    Thanks for your advice, I'm just so upset right now :crybaby:
  2. Hi Perja

    No practical advice, but just to say how sorry I am to hear about this.

    Best that you take it in to H and get some professional advice. They would be the most suited to advise.

    I really do hope it's nothing permanent. Maybe the craftsman can just apply some new pigment.
  3. Sounds like color was removed. While getting a manicure, I opened my orange chevre Karo and got cuticle remover on a spot and the color came off. Yes, I was sick. Cuticle remover is strong stuff.
    I have not sent it in to Hermes yet, but will eventually. Let me know what you decide to do.
  4. Oh Perja sorry to you have a pic of the area? Sounds like the color coat has been removed by the sticker...oh oh.
  5. I was ironing recently on one of those small-sized ironing boards and propped it up on a new dark chocolate leather club chair (yes, silly, but I clearly wasn't thinking at the time). The heat from where I rested the iron funneled down from the board onto the metal stand below... which was in contact with the club chair's arm and... well you can imagine the searing damage. When I pulled the ironing board up, there was a rrrrriiiiiiiippppp! that left colorless grooves in the arm. It looked like it had been skinned! (:wtf: )

    But thanks to the experiences of the knowledgeable ladies and gentlemen on this board with their H bags, I just dabbed on a smidge of Meltonian cream and rubbed gently. Amazingly, now it's good as new and you'd never be able to tell where the 'scalping' occurred!

    Don't know what your agenda looks like now, but I hope it's as simple a fix as that.
  6. Perja, I'm pretty sure they can touch it up at the store. That's the thing about Chevre--I get those little nicks everywhere--even on my Hippo bookmark from normal use. The good news is that it's fixable; I'd definitely bring it into the store to see if they can do a quick touch-up.
  7. Poor you.... but i believe anything is possible in hermes.....:yes:
  8. So sorry this happened! I sure hope they can fix it! :yes:
  9. Yikes! I am so sorry Perja!!! But I am sure Hermes can fix it right up for you!
  10. Take it to Hermes or a really good shoemaker can spot dye it. I did that with a Miu Miu bag where color wore off around the lock. The shoemaker made it look brand new!
  11. ^BTW, there is a product called Goo Be Gone. It is can be used to take off stickers from anything. It dissolves the glue without scratching or damaging the article. For a bag like this, I would take a cloth and wet it with water and the GBG and hold it to the leather until the sticker softened and you could gently rub it off.
  12. Good Luck, P!
  13. I'm sorry Perja! :sad:
    Bring it to the Mothership and let us know what they say...
  14. Me too... Don't worry.. see what Mother "H" has to say. Good luck!
  15. Take it into the shop, they'll brush some dye on it.