HELP!!cusion cut earrings or pear shaped pendant?

  1. choice of 1.5 carat pearshaped diamond or diamond earrings cushion cut 1.05 carat each surrounded by tiny diamonds on all four side dangling frm a row of tin diamonds so the cushion cuts hang below the earlobe. which do you think i should get. please write and not just read. pleeeeeeeeease . do give your opinions thanks.:smile:
  2. Earrings!!
  3. I also think the earrings! I would love to see a pic of them!
  4. i am very tempted with the earrings too. i already have a pair of round solaitres which are 1.3 carat each....but i am a earring person so.... logic says pendant heart says earrings...
  5. earrings!!
  6. The earrings sound very nice.
  7. i personally would wear the earrings more :smile: and they sound super cute!
  8. I would go with the earrings!! I saw a pair of these in a store this past weekend and they were drop dead gorgeous. With the halo, it makes them easy to dress up or down so you could wear them with jeans and a crisp white shirt, or with an evening gown. I would go with the earrings. Don't forget to send photos!!!
  9. Earrings!! Cushion cut is so fab IMO.
  10. if your heart says earrings, get the earrings. :smile:
  11. omg get the earrings. i think i know which ones youre talking about and they are gorgeous!
  12. earrings!
  13. The earrings sound amazing, and much more versatile. You're lucky to make such a choice! Post photos when you have them :yes:
  14. Earrings. They sound gorgeous by your description!