help!! Cruise Collection

  1. :sad: i need help!!! should i get this bag???
    should i???????:hysteric:
  2. I think this bag was discussed before and got mixed reviews. Personally, I think it's too busy. Are you going to get a lot of wear out it? It's too pricey for me because I KNOW for a fact that if I bought it, I wouldn't use it more than twice.
  3. If you fell like it and want it, why not?! But if you ask if you should..What are your doubts?
  4. I saw it yesterday IRL. I loved the chains hanging from it. The bag itself, I was mixed. I also agree with Irene--too expensive to not use often. It's also too large for me.
    Now, that's only my opinion. I think if you LOVE it and will use it--by all means get it!:flowers:
    There are few to be had, and it will not be around for you to get new for very long.....Good Luck!
  5. i loveeeee the charms!! i saw it irl a few days ago & loved it. not so much on the bag coz it's quite huge, and the pochette way too small. plus i've gotten mix reviews as lv_addict said. it's way too confusing. :crybaby:
  6. I saw it IRL too... too big for me. Now I love :love: the Port Epaule MM, just the right size.
  7. I love it and it is such a HOTTT bag...I tried it on last week and fell in love. the charms are just too darling. But the price is way beyond my budget. although I love it, i would not spend my hard earned cash on it because I know it is a bag that I will not use very often. IMO, it is not an everyday is huge. if I had it use it for traveling and such. maybe you could get the pleaty? or the porte epaule mm??
  8. had a talk with my brother. he said tht he'll get the bag & i'll get the charms! lol :nuts: he can pull it off. since its quite big. without the charms though. thoughts?:shame:
  9. that is great!! do you mean he will get the bag and you'll take the charms off?? I love the charms...if I could buy it separately I would and put it on the porte epaule mm...perfect size and with the charms!!!

    have you seen it in person yet? not sure if you know this already...but each charm is an indv keychain that you can remove too!!! sooo cute!:drool:
  10. yesssss i know!! thts sooo adorable. apparently i'm 1st on the list for it. so gotta be fast :Push:
  11. IMHO, cute but priced too high:sad:
  12. yeah i know. but id prefer to collect LE bags, rather than PC. :yes:
  13. It's really pretty! I love it
  14. It's too big for me but if you like it ( or the charms) then grab one!
  15. wow...sorry don't be mad at me...but since you are first on the list...YOU HAVE TO GET IT!!!:Push: :nuts: I can live vicariously through you!

    get it while you can always change your mind in a couple of weeks to return or exchange it !