HELP!! - Cruise 2008 look book

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  1. I saw somebody was very kind to post the new cruise look book in a thread, but I can't find it now. Anybody can help me with the link to that post? I only remember that those pictures are from Nordstrom. Thanks in advance!
  2. unfortunately that thread has been deleted.
  3. Hi,

    I was the one who posted the thread. I got the email from a friend, and I asked the mods to delete that thread because I found out that it is against Chanel policy to post lookbooks online.

    Maybe you can ask your SA to email you a copy? I think they do send it out to individual customers. Hope that helps and good luck sweetie! :flowers:
  4. Aww shucks. Too bad I didnt see it before it was deleted:lol:
  5. If anyone is interested in look book I can e-mail you those pictures.I saved the pictures on my computer, but only with the handbags.
  6. Hi- can you please send me pics from the 2008 Chanel cruise look book? Thank you!!!
  7. hello there can u please email me the pictures from the cruise 2008 too? thanks!
  8. Thanks H2girl!
  9. Spiralsnowman

    Gotcha. Thanks for your explanation!
  10. Me Too Pls!:flowers: TIA!
  11. Me too! Thank you!
  12. Pls email me , really appreciate if u can email me the pics. thanks a million.
  13. can i have a copy too? thanks!
  14. Can you email me a copy as well? Thanks!
  15. Can you e-mail me the book too please? Thank you thank you!