Help-Craie Jige

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  1. Hello...Would love some advice/recommendations. Been offered a Jige in Craie. I have been on the lookout for a Jige...but had not considered such a light color...actually had not considered what color I would like in this bag. I plan to use with jeans/jackets for going out to dinners. I usually wear lots of greys/blacks. I also own a craie birkin (not that that matters cuz totally different bags)...but do like this color...but am afraid since this is hand held.
  2. i have considered a craie jige too,,,,,but just like you mentioned, the hand held part kept me deciding a no. however it is a beautiful colour, and i am assuming it coming in swift? i love love swift and a combo with craie is super but it is the hand held part really
  3. I think with jeans, colour transfer especially with Swift might be a slight issue.
  4. Yes swift elan. Love swift too...but yes hand held and putting on my lap at dinners etc...(on top of my jeans)....
  5. I bought jige elan in argile (swift) couple of weeks go and already used it multiple times, even wore it with jeans. I believe it would look beautiful in craie. Good luck deciding.