Help! Crack in my new bags vachetta!

  1. I just bought a mono Speedy 30 last weekend, and I noticed the night I brought it home that there was a little "scratch" on the vachetta on the handles, but it's so small (about a centimeter) and seemed like a surface scratch that I figured maybe my fingernails or my keys had done it perhaps?

    But I just got home from a day out with my speedy, and when looking at it in the daylight it's a crack in the leather - it's deeper than what my fingernails or keys could have possibly done. Should I take the bag back and exchange it, or is it not a big deal? I don't know anything about vachetta and this is my first LV bag, so I don't know what to do. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Definetly exchange it!!! It'll get worse otherwise, I'm sure.
  3. your bag is brand new and should not have ANY problems. i would definitely take it back for an exchange
  4. yes go to the boutique and exchange it.
  5. Take it back, it's a hassle but you'll get a perfect bag. Plus they might even flag something in LVs QA process.
  6. Take it back!
  7. Take it back!
  8. Yeah return it. You deserve a flaw-free bag :smile:
  9. Take it back.
  10. Thanks for your help everyone! I'm going to take it back to the boutique tomorrow and see if they'll let me exchange it.
  11. Good luck! Let us know how it goes!
  12. Just wanted to give an update!

    I went to the LV boutique and when I showed them the handle and explained what I thought it was they were so nice and understanding! They said it looked like something that had happened in the unpacking process? Not sure what that is, but they made it clear that it was not my fault so that made me very comfortable, like they knew I wasn't trying to be ridiculously picky with my bag. So I got a new bag and it looks fabulous!

    So I guess the moral of this story is - it doesn't hurt to ask lol.

    One more thing - if anyone lives in or is visiting the Nashville TN area their LV boutique is great. Both times I went there I felt completely comfortable and the SAs are really nice and helpful (not intimidating or snobby in the least.) The store is kind of small but the customer service is superb. Highly recommend stoping buy if you're looking for a new LV.
  13. Glad you got it sorted!
  14. Glad there was a happy ending (although I wouldn't have expected otherwise!) Also glad you had a nice experience in the end :smile: Make sure to post your new one !
  15. Glad everything turned out well for you.