help: courcheval sagging?

  1. i've had a read of the leather thread in the reference section about courchevel and since it's similar to epsom, i was assuming that it'd be pretty rigid. however, whilst browsing eBay, i chanced upon a birkin in courcheval ( and the seller described the leather as having turned very soft and needing stuffings to stand alone. As such, i was wondering just how sturdy courcheval really is and whether it's normal for it to soften/sag so much overtime.

    moreover, is there perhaps any way to maintain or upkeep the rigidity of the leathers or is it a lost cause? i'm looking at getting my first birkin from paris (with some luck) and would really like a more rigid leather. it seems like vache liegee would be fit the bill, but are there any alternatives besides that and more importantly, how much slouch would i be looking at, over time?

    thanks in advance, everyone. :flowers:
  2. I don't have a Birkin but I've had a courchevel Kelly for six years. It's a rigid Kelly and there is no sign of sagging whatsoever. I don't use it much though.
  3. my courchevels are as sturdy and hardy as ever!
    I believe it was used to make saddles.