Help! Couldn't find any Paddington bag in large size (in Germany)

  1. Hi, guys, I just so fall in love with the paddington bag but could not find any one in large size in Germany. :crybaby:Well, I am living in Germany...

    Could you help me to find one in th US? Just list the name of the website or the ID of the eBay seller. Of course I want an authentic one.

    Thanks a lot in advance.:heart:
  2. Hi, try louisaviaroma, it's in Italy and they ship the bag to you in few days as you're in Germany - and the best thing i EU as it there's no customs or taxes:biggrin: I purchased my first paddington from them and I everything went perfectly :smile: And they're definitely authentic! ::: shopping online

    They have "big paddington handbag", is this the style you're looking for...? ::: shopping on line

    Ps. Sometimes luisaviroma's pictures aint that good and they make colours look a bit different as they propably photoshop them a tad too much.... But bags are authentic and they have excellent service :flowers:
  3. Oh, sonja, thanks, you are so an angel!!!:yahoo:
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