HELP!! could anyone help me AUTHENTICATE this DIOR GAUCHO bag?

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  1. Hi,

    I am new to all this and I'm about to pay a fortune for my first dior gaucho tote in winter white. The bag is about to be listed on eBay, by a 100% positive feedback seller

    so far, great customer service and communication. the bag is in a mint used condition with its medallion missing...offered price is a little over $1000 with shipping. currently my only concern is the seller's no refund policy and the missing medallion. would dior boutique replace it for me with a fee? and is this bag authentic? is the price reasonable?

    is it worth it or not worth it...i need everyone's advice. specially dior gaucho owners, your response will be greatly appreciated.

    I've attached some pictures, and thank you everyone!
    88920327_o.jpg 88920351_o.jpg 88920392_o.jpg 88920426_o.jpg 88920438_o.jpg
  2. Best to pop it in the authenticate this thread for future reference.

    It is definitely authentic and beatifulbasics is an active member of the dior forum ;)

    I don't see why they couldn't replace it but maybe check on that as I'm not too sure.
  3. Dior would replace it. They'll either have the part in the store or it will have to be mailed to New York. Either way should take about 2-3 weeks to get it back. Should also be free of charge. I had to have a piece replaced on my gaucho a few months ago.
  4. I would double check regarding it being free though because it is being purchased via eBay so I would have thought it would depend on the warranty period etc.

    It looks as though it has been lost and not a fault as such so there may be a fee :shrugs:
  5. i think it looks better without the key :]

  6. aaaaah how can you!? :bagslap: breaking my heart like that ;)
  7. to be honest if you were to look hard enough you could find great bargains on ebay. Like I said in the authenticity thread I wouldnt buy if it was missing the coin. With the January sales coming up and the outets giving up to 40% you never know what could end up on ebay!!1
  8. thank you guys so much! i didn't even know a dior outlet existed....are we able to call in and ask if they carry a specific style?(for me it would be the white gaucho tote..but) again i appreciate all advice!
  9. oh my gosh lamissy you are awsome!!! im stunned. just wondering though, how did you get your bag authenticated? by bringing to the store or...?

    again, thank you so much for the info
  10. hun diabro is a store, all their products are definitely authentic and they will declare lower value for you on the parcel to avoid the customs if you wish :yes: many many gals here use it constantly.
  11. yes they are a store in Japan with offices in USA i think.

    But they are 100% legit many members have brought bags there not only Dior but other named brands. No compaints about fakes.
  12. lol i just finished reading the thread about how great diabro is. you ladies are awsome, im loving purse forum!! it makes me wanna buy more and though ;P but anyhow, i found this double gaucho (in large i assume) on ebay, and so far it looks pretty authentic. but you know im gonna need your help. i'm starting to debate over either black or first i thought white cuz lighter colors give this purse more of a soft, younger look, versus to a black one where its more classy and elegant. What do you ladies think of the color, and any advice?
  13. i think Nat has the white and red tote so she can answer your question better. I like black but that just boring me lol
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