HELP!! Cotton Club Done with?

  1. I went into NM today looking to buy the cotton club bowler and the tote. The SA told me that the cotton club was done with and that it is not coming back for fall! :crybaby: (I guess they are not restocking for fall) Does anyone know if this is true or not? Please let me know since I want to get them

  2. try the chanel boutique in hawaii. my friend bought the blue cotton club tote this past week and they still had 5 left.
  3. it's true. they're done with the ligne and they're not rereleasing it for fall. i just saw the blue tote at the chanel boutique in short hills, nj. if you're looking for a blue one, you could try calling there. also, if you call the 1800 number, they should be able to track one down for you.

    good luck!
  4. i saw the bowler in Black at Saks NY. Ask for Susan. She'll do her best to help! they also had it in the pochette.

    Good luck!!!
  5. Thanks everyone. I am officially on a mission to find one now. NM did a search and all they had left was black. No black for me. My biggest dilemma is color?? Any suggestions?
  6. I have the blue tote and love it! The bronze is pretty also, but will be harder to find. There might still be some silver totes available.
  7. i was able to find a bronze one in japan but the price is much higher compared to chanel boutiques price
  8. So the cotton club was only around for spring/summer 07 and thats it? What will replace it?
  9. I saw a blue bowler at my Saks in Phoenix.