help--corcovado kp/pewter

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  1. Hi,
    Can anyone remember the exact prices of the pewter corc. and the kp corc the first night of the inauguration sale?? I know that the pewter was more.

    I have been waiting for my refund and emailed about it today. Salina replied back that there were pricing errors and my refund for the pewter corc. would be $80.15. I do not feel this is fair, as it was marked higher and I paid more, if they made a mistake, i'm sorry but they charged me more for it, and I didn't even get it.

    Would appreciate if anyone can remember the exact price, essentially she is saying that both the kp and pewter corcs should have been 117, but that I didn't pay enough for the kp so they are making up for it now. What did everyone else pay, and what were you refunded???
  2. Kp $81.25 Negative, the pewter was much more. Weird.
  3. They're charging you more for the kp b/c they undercharged you for the cancelled pewter?
  4. :confused1: Weird! I know the KP was $81.25, half off of $162.50...not sure about the Pewter, I'm sorry! Good luck getting it straightened out, I had some WACKY pricing mistakes on a few of my orders as well...took multiple phone calls and lots of convincing on my end to get them to look at the correct info and refund me what I was owed. Worked out in the end, but not much fun! Anyway, good luck!!!
  5. She said that I was undercharged for the kp, so they were keeping part of my refund on the pewter to make up for being undercharged.

    I'm pretty upset, and will be calling in the morning.
  6. Let us know how it goes. :hugs:
  7. Searching the forum, I came up with 119.50 for the Pewter Corc ... I think that's what swolfcg paid - hopefully she'll stop in.

    You don't have your order confirmation e-mails? Dumb question, I know, as I'm sure you'll have checked there first ... you can click on the Order Status link to find out the price ...?

    Good luck. I always make note of my purchases so then I can check them off as they come in ... besides the e-mail, I print it out, too - this has helped me more than once when I've had to chat with HH about a pricing question ...
  8. i paid $81.25 for the kp and the cancelled pewter was $117.50 (both without shipping and taxes).

  9. Hi,
    Were you refunded correctly??
  10. $117.50 is what I was credited back when my order was cancelled.
  11. i don't think i ever got charged for the pewter, i paid it using my credit card. the kp, i got overcharged because the code didn't apply, but i emailed them and called the next day and i got refunded. i paid the kp through paypal, and i got my refund through paypal also so it took a while. but i got the correct amount back.
  12. no, not sure about the Pewter, I bought the BP for $117.50. I got the Pewter during the SS sale, for $110.
  13. I ordered both the KP and the pewter corcovados - $81.25 and $117.50, respectively. I am still waiting on the $117.50 refund that I was notified I would be getting =(
  14. Yep, refunds take 2-4 weeks to process.
  15. Hm, I paid $162.50 for the KP Corco during the Warehouse Sale on the 14th. All the sales ran together, so I don't recall exactly when one sale ended and the next one began!