help! convertible carseats...

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  1. i did a search and all i found were threads about infant car seats, so if there is another thread please let me know. :smile:

    hubby and i are trying to decide on a convertible carseat for k-kay. she is outgrowing her infant seat very quickly. so we are looking at the the sunshine kids radian: or the combi coccorro:

    i have looked at ratings online and they are pretty much equal. there are some issues with the wear and tear on the combi. we need a smaller sized carseat, because we roll 3 deep in the back seat :smile: there is another booster seat for my youngest son so we don't want it to be so tight that the kiddos are jammed in there and uncomfy.

    anyone used either of the carseats listed? or have any ideas of other smaller seats?

    tia :biggrin:
  2. i have 2 Radians and love them. they are a pain to install but unless you plan on taking them in and out it shouldn't be an issue. they are very slender which is great if you need 3 seats in a row. what's great about the Radian is that it's the only seat you'll need. it provides for extended rear facing (mega plus in my book) and forward faces until they no longer need to be harnessed. :biggrin:
  3. I have the Maxi Cosi Priori, and we like it...although I've been eying bigger car seats with head support!
  4. I use the BRitax Marathon ..its BIG but very safe and sturdy.
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    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
    We are on the hunt for a new car seat as well. I think I'm going to put Brody in Belle's car seat and get Belle a booster seat. Or is a three year too young for a booster? I have a lot of research to do!

    ETA: I just looked on babies r us - booster seats start at age 4. Boo.
  6. ^^my youngest son was in a booster at about 3 to 3.5 but he is also on the heavy side. he weighs only a few lbs less than my oldest. how much is belle weighing?

    and we were looking at the britax, but they are just WAY too big for the room we have. thanks for the thoughts pitterpatter. dh likes the radian. but it looks to be quite tall, is it too tall for a sedan? we need to be able to reach behind us.

    i want it to be comfy, so the head support is important.
  7. ^Belle weighs 32 lbs. How much did your son weigh?
  8. i think he was about 37-38.

    but if you think she is ready then go for it!! we had him in one of the booters that have the 5 point harness, but the boy figured out how to take it he was unbuckling himself all the time...grrrr! so we switched it to the actual seat belt and he can't get to the button all that well now...but neither can we...LOL. but as long as he is safe is the main thing.
  9. i think i read that boosters shouldn't be considered until 4-5 years old? i think they need to be harnessed either extended rear facing or forward facing until then.

    either way, i'd probably go with a sunshine kids radian, those things can extended rear face for a looong time! i also heard good things about the evenflo triumph advance, it's top slots are 17.5", good for taller kids.
  10. ^^My son will be three in June and he's 36lbs, but is very tall. We're thinking of switching him to the booster seat soon because it's a struggle for him to still fit in his car seat.
  11. no, don't put a 3 yr old in a's too soon. a booster does not hold them in as well with a seat belt. it is for older kids. the longer in a 5 pt harness seat, the better.

    i recommend something convertible that has extended harnessing. 5 pt harness is the safest. my 5.5 yr old is in a 5 pt harness and will be for a long time.

    i recommend Recaro. The Recaro Como is great, both my kids are in that. In my husband's car, we do have a Recaro Young Sport, that my daughter does use as a booster, but she only rides in that car in the event the truck isn't available.
  12. ^^ thanks for the info, i just looked it up and it's quite a bit wider than the other 2.
    i guess i need to get a tape measure and get back there and measure how wide the base is for her infant seat.
    i don't want to get anything wider than that. it's a squeeze with it...
  13. What kind of car are you putting it into?
  14. I have not used either of those seats but we use Britax seats and love them!