help convert this person to the "Brown Side"

  1. I sorta agree with him.

    ::runs away::
  2. The plastic hw they use is hogh quality, but i do agree for that price it would be nice to see a metal buckle.
  3. looks like someone has an empty piggy bank and think's that LV only make's Canvas bags:roflmfao:
  4. but aren't the buckles of the Melvilles painted metal just like the ones they use on the new Geant bags? :confused1:
  5. He sounds like a whiner. To each his own. I personally like the look of the bag.
  6. Apparently someone does not know quality or seen it IRL.
  7. High quality plastic? As much as I love LV, you have to admit that plastic is plastic no matter who makes it

  8. ITA!
  9. no they are some sorth of plastic but it def isn't cheap it is similar to the material used for cell phone chargers:confused1:
    IMO it's def worth it I think it's not the material but the sentimental and historical value that you give to things for example I hate gold jewellery and think it looks cheap and only look's good as LV and Hermes HW lol
  10. Ummm...I kind of agree with him..for that kind of money, there should be a metal buckle. Not that I don't like Louis anymore or anything.
  11. I agree that the plastic buckle is stupid,

    But he said LV damier canvas is plastic. which is wrong and makes my speedy feel sad
  12. ummmmm........ the person did mention that not "all" LVs look cheap, I think s/he specifically picked the Melville cuz it has plastic buckles which in MY opinion does kinda look cheap....sorry ducky...... :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:..........*please don't hit*
  13. and speaking of blog trolls this blog's LV entrees are mostlly negative The Bag Snob
  14. It's alright, but I won't buy the bag though.