HELP! Contact wearers- accidentally pinched my eye?!

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    I am new to contacts and the lady at the eye dr place told me not to be shy about pinching them out. The first one I grabbed and it came right out but the second one I pinched and almost got it so I pinched again. Then I realized that I was actually pinching my eye and the contact must have fallen out earlier today.

    My vision is fine (well, the same as it was before) from what I can tell and it doesn't hurt it just feels a little weird and is pink. Has anyone else done this before??? I found a few accounts of this on the web but I'm freaking out because I've only had contacts a few days and I'm scared I have messed something up.
  2. I did it once and I suffered no lasting damgage, just a little scratchy feeling for awhile - but I suggest you call your eye dor and ask about it, since you are new to contaces. I have been wearing them for almost 40 years. You will get used to them and won't do this too often, if ever again. I think it only happened to me once. and that was recently because I switched from tinted to clear, so of course with tinted you can tell if the contac is or is not in your eye.
  3. Thanks! I read about some other people doing it so I assume I am not the only one. It's been a few hours and the redness has subsided and I don't feel a thing, so I guess I'm okay. When I did it it was too late to call my eye Dr. so my only choice is to go to an emergency place or wait until my already scheduled appointment next week.

    If anyone else has ever done this or has any suggestions or advice I would really appreciate it!
  4. I've done that before and had no lasting damage. I think you're fine but you should mention it to your dr. for peace of mind.
  5. Just let it recover by itself. If you can avoid wearing eye makeup for a few days that will help as well.
  6. Did it on a few occasions. Just let it rest (i.e. do NOT wear contacts for a few days) and it will be fine. I've done much worse, so don't worry about a small pinch - it's no worse than accidentally poking yourself in the eye with your finger.
  7. You may do a lot of poking yourself in the eye as you get contacts. The eyes are just sensitive and easily irritated, but you're not doing lasting damage. It helps to pull the contact down with the white of your eye with your finger so if anything you pinch the whites, and if it feels uncomfortable at all you are probably pinching your eye. You really shouldn't feel much if you are only touching the lens.
  8. I remember the first time I wore my contacts which seems like ages and ages ago I was freaked out by every little thing. Personally I have pinched, poked, whatever-ed my eye so many times and it usually is no big deal. Remember to try to give your eyes a break! Wear glasses for as long as possible. The first thing I take off when I get home are my contacts.
  9. It should be ok, but if you want to be more careful I would also keep the fingernails cut short. It's really easy to scratch the eye with long nails if you don't have the technique down!
  10. As others mentioned, you'll be fine. Just let your eye heal. Takes a bit of time because you essentially irritated the surface. Minor irritation is one thing, knicking your cornea is a whole different matter because that hurts beyond belief.
  11. Oh yes, I have scratched my cornea before and it is the most intense, lasting pain you can get in your eye. So ya, if you had done something more than irritate the eye, you would definitely know.
  12. The best thing to do is let your eye rest and heal if you've pinched it.

    When I first got my contacts, this was how I was told to remove the contact lens:

    • Make sure your eye is hydrated with some contact lens lubricating drops. If it's a bit dry, it's going to be kind of suctioned to your eyeball!
    • Then taking your ring finger (basically this finger will give the lightest pressure on the contact lens) and gently slide the contact off to the side of your eyeball, basically moving the contact lens off the iris area.
    • Now you can pinch the lens off from the side of your eyeball. You don't need to slide it that far, just enough when you can grab it out of range of the iris.

    To place contact lens on the eye, look up and drop the lens toward the bottom of your eyeball (looking up). Then slowly bring your eyeball down, the lens will come up to rest on your iris area.

    You'll be a pro in no time!
  13. As others have said, I've done this a million times, especially when I first got my contacts. It's nothing to worry about. I've pinched, poked, etc myself a lot. :lol:

    The first day I got my contacts (15 years ago, sheesh) it took me a half hour to get them in. :lol:
  14. You did waaaayyyyyy better than I did. Took me 2.5 hours to get my first one in ... :rolleyes:
  15. ^ I had hard lenses for many years before I switched to soft lenses. The first day I put them in the morning with no problem, but at bedtime I realized I had no clue how to get them off! Thank god for the Internets.