Help! Confusing bag conundrum *pics*

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Which bag for a guy?

  1. South Bank Besace

  2. Neo Noe

    0 vote(s)
  3. Belmont PM

  1. E901F559-87A5-49CB-928E-76453DDB1C55.jpeg 2D610FAA-5B53-4D72-81F2-2CCD3AB4D091.jpeg 585913D7-A261-46E8-A11A-6CC8DCB8C80F.jpeg I’m looking for a small-ish ebene crossbody bag. As we wait for the world to heal I suppose I have time to ponder bags. Men’s line only offers one damier ebene design which I have. Now which women’s bag suits me? Or do none of them suit a guy and I should wait? Thanks :smile:.
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  2. I think I prefer the Belmont, it has a more unisex vibe to it...
    I like your style!
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  3. I like the middle one - not sure what it’s called :smile:
  4. Hi,
    out of the three I'd say Belmont. The other two are rather feminine, imo.
    What about the porte document pm? Or maybe the speedy b? Tbh, if I were a guy, I wouldn't carry either of the bags...
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  5. Out of the three you showed, the middle Belmont looks the least feminine. I would also suggest the Porte Document PM or the Steamer PM (comes in three gorgeous colour ways, I know someone who has it and it's the ultimate guy bag and can be worn crossbody or top handle)
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  6. I thought you had the Mick PM custom made in DE?? Did you decide not to do that?

    I agree with all of the previous posters. Belmont looks the most unisex.
  7. The first one is surprisingly good. But I am a Neo Noé fan, so… :smile:
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  8. The middle one? None of them are really
    Masculine looking, unless that is your intention. Is it me or are you just so desperate to purchase a DE piece that you are far reaching at this point? I would, instead, custom order a men’s piece in DE and suck up the cost. Much
    Better than any of the above options
  9. None of them.
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  10. The second bag is #1, #2 the first and not a fan of 3rd on you.
  11. I don’t like any of them as a cross body, to be honest. Man or woman.
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  12. I don’t love any of them.
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  13. Love the 2nd bag on you!
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  14. Again, regarding the bag choices, I think the bag in the 2nd picture looks really good on you!:smile:
    Actually, I LOVE that bag on you!
    Actually, I love that bag!

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