help! confused....differences between day and hobo?!!

  1. hi! can someone tell me the differences between day and hobo?! what are their prices?!! Are they the same?!! :confused1::confused1:and please post their pictures!!! :nuts:Thanks a lot!!
  2. okk its easy..

    the blue (aka French blue) is a DAY bag but with Giant Hardware (GH)

    The Brown is a day bag but with Regular Hardware (RH)

    And the white is the hobo - it only comes with GH.

    hope that helps!
    blue11.gif brownn.gif hobo1.gif
  3. and the prices are

    Day with GH - 1245 dollars

    Day with RH - 995 dollars

    Hobo - have no idea sorry what it is in dollars but its 875 euros
  4. GH Hobo is $1245 as well.

    I also found some of the NM sales is a bit confused about day and hobo.

    Before Balenciaga launch the GH Hobo.. sometimes ppl called the day bag as hobo bag .
  5. Thank you so much for the info!!! I totally get them now!!! Loving the Day!!!:yes::flowers:
  6. I got this comparison photo from one of the PFer (pinkchristie if I'm not wrong). So I guess she'd be more than willing to share it here too! :heart:
  7. Great comparison pic. Thanks!
  8. Thank you so much for the trouble!!! Both styles look great in White!!:tup:
  9. very informative - thank you for taking the time to explain and ooh la la that white is gorgeous!