Help! Conditioning vachetta, nowhere to buy Apple/Kiwi/Wilsons

  1. Hey everyone! I know this is a very often discussed topic, and i've read so much about it already, but unfortunatelly i can't really apply all the advices on the forum to myself, since we don't have Apple polishes, Kiwi, Shining monkey or Wilksons leather products where i live. I know we have kiwi spray but that is more for protection. I want something to condition the leather. Does any one know any other stuff i can use? Coz i feel like soon i will become so desperate and will impulsively use my face moisturizer on the bag!
    Please help!!!

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. hmmm. i read that you can leave it by a window, and rotate it each day.
  3. Is there any reason you need to condition the leather?
  4. I think of leather like our skin, one may choose to condition/moisturize which will keep it beautiful for a long time. Or one may choose not to which will eventually leave it dry and cracked? JMO...
  5. I had some really old bags maybe older than many of the members on the board. Never had any problems with cracking. My only problem was the aging of the item so it does get plenty of wear and tear from normal usage. Plus of course the vachetta gets really old and dirty.
  6. It just seems sort of very dry in some places. so after reading so many posts about other members conditioning and protecting the leather of LV bags, i really got obsessed about the idea.

    And at the same time i totally agree with Luv Classics that if you take care of it now it will last you longer. But who knows, maybe we are all wrong!:smile:
  7. I had been to their site before and never found any place to buy it online. Maybe in the united states you can do that, but not in europe anyways...:s