HELP! Computer problems at the worse time! Mahala Help Please * SOS!

  1. HELP!:wtf::wtf:

    My computer just locks up on the images on the Jimmy Choo sale.:wtf::wtf:
    Oh, it could be happening at a worse time.:crybaby::crybaby:

    Is there anyone I could trouble to tell me what color Mahala's are left?

    Thank you!!!
  2. anaconda, python, champagne $1947.00 for exotics $737.00 for metallic
  3. Samantha - you are a doll ( with hot bags)
    Thank you.

    Are there any solid colors?
  4. Sorry, no just those that Samantha listed:sad: but Hey grab a Champagne or Bronze Mahala, they are TDF:nuts:
  5. Robyn - do you happen to know if the Mahdi can be worn as a shoulder bag?
  6. I would say you can wear it over the shoulder, but it would not be as comfortable as over your arm. The drop on this bag is not quite as generous as the Mahala or the Ramona/Riki. I think if you look in the members forum, there is a photo of one of the JC members who purchased the bag, but returned it for the Radiant or belted tote, but she posed with it on her shoulder.
    Also, I think it would depend on your height. I am 5'1, so it might wear a little different if you are taller (which most people are):cursing: