Help.... comments please, deadline....

  1. hey ya
    i think this bag sounds great!!! it sounds like it will fit in loads of stuff! since i dont have children - the only input i cna put in is.... i'd go for a different colour... maybe blue or red- something FUN!
    i hope this helps in some way.... good luck :smile:
  2. 1. Do you even like the bag?
    i do! i probably wouldn't buy one because it's not my style, but i do like it very much. :smile: esp. the rivets on the pockets.
    2. What would you change?
    the buckles, like you're planning to. silver hardwear avaliable? i would be more likely to buy it with silver hardware
    3. What color would you choose if you were to get one?
    red, brown, black, or white. in that order of preference. i think brown and black would sell best, esp. with the goldish hardware you're currently using.
    4. Which top do you prefer
    i like zip tops best in general. i don't know about diaper bags though because i'm not a mommy.
    5. What color lining would you like? (nylon so it is washable)
    Patterned/ Print or just a solid color?
    definately solid lining. it's not really a "whimsy" bag ala petunia picklebottom or kate spade, so i don't know that a print would work well. as for colors, i think it would really depend on the color of the bag.
  3. I can't tell how big this bag is{?}
    I would DEFINITELY go w/ some kind of light shade as the interior. I think most women know how hard it is to find antything in the "black hole"! LOL!
    Land's End makes some diaper bags my twin friends swear by adn the first thing they rave about is the white interior makes it SO easy to see and find things!
    For me personally, the leather looks a little stiff.
  4. here
  5. here is the side shot , you guys beat me to it....

    Sorry, I am new at this....
    diaper side low.jpg
  6. Leather does look a tad you have any more pics?
  7. First Choice Of Top Closure
    top blk low.jpg
  8. second choice of top. It folds over which I thought was kinda cute.

    But it changes the view fromt he front. More like a rounded top like a Speedy than the other front photo
    alt top open low.jpg
  9. Second Choice now closed
  10. THANKS guys for doing this for me! You are really a bigger help than you know!! I am so greatful!

    PS. I saw Paris Hilton today in BH.... well kinda, she was wisked off so fast and there were so many paparazzis....
  11. From what I can see (it wont let me enlarge the picture) I like it! Black seems a little too morbid though for a baby bag especially. Lighter colors! In and out! I like that idea about the burned edges (The edges are black right now but I was thinking to make the edges red. You know, like the part of your shoulder strap where they have like a melted edge? Does that make sense?), sounds cool. I'm not too into studs, but if you like that, I have no problem with a few studs, plus it will spice it up as a baby bag! Here's my responses to your "questionnaire" lol! Good luck N! This is cool, I didnt know you did this sort of thing. Tell us how it all goes!

    1. Do you even like the bag?
    2. What would you change?
    I like the ideas you stated (bigger, taller, burned edges), but lighter colors!
    3. What color would you choose if you were to get one?
    (see highlighted)
    a. Black
    b. Brown
    c. White
    d. Red
    e. Blue
    4. Which top do you prefer?
    Zip tops preferably, don't want to risk anything rolling out. But since it is a baby bag and the Mama may have her hands full, fold over would be more convenient.
    5. What color lining would you like? (nylon so it is washable) Patterned/ Print or just a solid color?
    Patterned or solid. I think either would look good. I love it when bags have striped interior, I think that's so cute.

  12. Great point about the lining being dark.

    Right now it is khaki....

    and the leather is actually quite nice.... SOFT and more importantly light! :smile:

  13. I guess it is overstuffed. It is actually very soft. Good to know though! Thanks!
  14. Leather should be softer, interior would need to be a lighter color and nylon I would prefer a patterned inside so you couldn't see stains easily. I would prefer a shoulder strap because you can't get in this bag easily if you are holding a fussy child you just can't put down. If there is a large pocket I could stuff in the front (outside) of the bag then the 2 straps are ok. I would prefer no rivets and maybe replace them with 1 magnetic snap or turn lock. Color - any color other than white.

    I tend to go for a more classic/simple bag (w/o rivets and ornaments). I may be the minority here.
  15. This is a nice bag and all but, I'm sorry to say, this would be the last bag I'd pick for a diaper bag!...that answers #1.
    2) The material is all wrong, it should be cotton, canvas or some other material that you could throw in the wash machine. Otherwise, you're asking for trouble.
    3) Something cheery, not so dark....remember stains!
    4) A top that will hold all the stuff inside but yet has easy one hand access.
    5) Definitely something easily washable.

    When I knew I was going to be toting a diaper bag, I thought I'd get the cutest, hippest diaper bag around..."the state of the art diaper bag"!:noworry: Today, that "state of the art" cute, hip diaper bag looks like it went through hell and back, I wouldn't even recognize it if I didn't know what it use to be....I should do a before and after pic of it! Plus, I ended up using a cheap, ugly diaper bag instead (given to me free! the hospital) and kept the cute, hip bag when I went out on special occasions.
    What I'm trying to say is unless you're Kate Moss or Katie Holmes always in the public eye and have the money to buy expensive leather diaper bags then more power to you! Otherwise, get something or make something that is REALLY practical for you to use.
    I hope this didn't burst your diaper bag intentions are truly to help you.