Help! Colour transfer onto oak darwin...

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  1. So, I got my oak Emmy out of its dustbag to use today. Brought it into work and have noticed a mark on the back :tdown:

    I think it's colour transfer from my dark denim jeans - stupid things, I'm only going to wear faded from now on :push:

    So, has anyone managed to successfully get denim stains out of oak darwin or do I have to either a) live with it or b) take it to Mulberry to sort out?

    Or can I expect it to just magically disappear if exposed to air or something?

    I'm sure the mark wasn't on the bag when I last put it in the dustbag - I think it must have just happened this morning (literally during the 2 minute walk to and from my car on the way to work :cursing:)

    Thanks in advance for any advice, girls.
  2. On other threads ( not specifically mulberry darwin related) people have talked about using pensil erasers to remove colour transfer marks from leather, HOWEVER I'd worry about using anything on oak darwin in case it removed some of the colour. Personally i'd phone Mulberry for some advice.
    What a nightmare!
  3. Thanks for that, Jo. As its on the back of the bag, I guess I could try the eraser - I think that, if it went lighter, it would soon even out with a spraying of Collonill. But you're right, it's probably worth calling Mulberry first.

    I think it's this one pair of over-dyed jeans that I've got. They left a mark on a white MbyMJ bag I've got, as well. Don't mind that one so much as it's along the bottom seam and I don't mind about the bottom of my bags being less than perfect.

    That said, I've now noticed a stain on the bottom of my Emmy :push: why don't they have feet?! And I thought I was careful with my bags :nogood:
  4. Hopefully over time as the bag develops a patina the marks will all fade in anyway but i must say it's for these reasons (stains etc) that I've decided to get a chocolate rather than an oak bayswater!
    I have an orla kiely bag - it's a vinyl one so does wipe clean thankgoodness but if i ever wear it with jeans ( even well worn ones that have been washed dozens of times) it always picks up colour!
  5. My Joni has got huge denim marks on the back due to constant rubbing against denim (again, washed jeans, not new or anything) and that's what put me off washed nappa. Girlinwinter is the same, I think. However, I'm just going to try and not be too precious about it - if the mark comes out, great. If not, you're right, it will (hopefully) fade over time. It's not going to stop me using the bag - I'm going to start thinking of all these marks as adding character to my bag :roflmfao:

    I've never had a problem with marks on my choc Elgin so I think you've made the right choice.... it must be frustrating having to wait for the choc Bayswater to turn up at the factory store, though.
  6. Jeans & Darwin are a no-no! The problem is it being untreated leather so there's no coating and denim just rubs off on to it. An eraser probably would work but Mulberry is the best place to start for advice. I've an off-white Miu Miu bag and I have to be really careful what I wear with it - even a seude coat is no go. Good luck in getting the mark off!
  7. That's so disappointing - imo half of the charm of the oak darwin is that it goes so well with denim.

    I'll send Mulberry an email this afternoon - their repairs department are usually really helpful answering questions.
  8. I've never had a problem with marks on my choc Elgin so I think you've made the right choice.... it must be frustrating having to wait for the choc Bayswater to turn up at the factory store, though.[/quote]

    Yes it is frustrating. I can almost hear the humour in their voices when i phone now to see if they have a chocolate bayswater in stock- they must be getting sick of me!!!!
  9. the exact same thing happened to my oak rosemary!! :wtf::wtf: what can i do to get rid of the dark blue stains? help!!!! :wtf:
  10. Oh I'm so sorry Ditab - this is a worry of mine too, which is why I haven't got myself an OAK Antony yet although I want one!

    Let us know if you find anything out from Mulberry - I've a feeling it could prove useful to a lot of us in the future!
  11. I was :confused1: over this thread thinking "was I drunk when I posted because I can't remember doing so" and then noticed - it's a year old :push: I'm trying to remember what Mulberry said... I think it was the usual, "we don't have a cleaning service, we don't recommend using anything on darwin leather, marks will fade over time etc".

    Well, it's been over a year and I can confirm that the marks haven't faded over time at all :nogood:

    It's so funny to read how upset I was about this :lol: I don't even use the Emmy anymore. In fact, I posted a thread recently about nourishers as the leather is so dry... and I haven't even bothered to get one :rolleyes:

    Will put it on my New Year's resolution list :tup:

    elkington, I don't really know what to suggest. I wonder if you sprayed a load of collonil and then rubbed the stain, whether it would help lift it out or if it would just spread it into the leather :shrugs:
  12. Woly Leather Perfect Gel Cleaner
    RUB WHILE MOIST. :tup:

    i used this on a 2nd hand bag i bought from eBay which has a mark on the corner and now u can hardly see it . i think this is good its a gel so irts water based and it has a nice floral smell.
  13. Although this was an old thread. My oak Litchfield was bought pre-owned and the girl who sold it said that she managed to remove the denimstains with some leather cream. And when I got it there was just a lovely aged patinated colour at the backside of the bag where the stains had been. I don´t know which particular brand she had used though.
  14. wow this is an old thread!!
  15. thanks everyone for your tips! i should buy some leather cream tomorrow! fortunately the rosemary has a strong patina (it's 3 years old, i bought it pre-owned) and the stains even add a bit to the vintage look :p