HELP!! Color transfer ONTO my Legacy Leigh!!

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  1. Oh Ladies I sure hope you can help me!! I have a tan Legacy Leigh - one of my VERY favorite bags - and I just spotted something on the back of the bag! It is on the back of the bag on the bottom near the piping - it is a bluish green color so I am thinking that it is from jeans or the like. Is there any way to get this out?!?! I know the word is that you are to do NOTHING to Legacy leather but I just am heartbroken by the look of this! Also - anyone know of anything to help rain/water spots on the Legacy leathers? I have one small water spot on my leather Mandy that is hardly noticeable (but to me of course) so thought while I was picking brains it was worth the ask! I am willing to try anything to fix my Leigh!! Thanks in advance ladies!
  2. Thanks T - Lady but it says the link is broken :sad: I am going to try searching for it too!
  3. I have this on my camel Leigh too.
    Haven't tackled it yet.
    Sad, isn't it?
  4. That's exactly what I have! I found that thread though! Do a search for it and you'll pull it right up! I am going to try the tape method and see what happens! I am going to cross my fingers and say a prayer first! I will let you know what happens. I was wondering though - someone mentioned something about a spray protector for their Legacy Leather bags..... what kind so you all use?!?!
  5. Same thing with my camel Leigh. She is a bit of blue on the bottom
  6. Apple conditioner works wonders for color transfer.
  7. OMG. This is the very reason i hate Coach suede too. Color transfer. I know it can happen on any bag really,but im way too anal about my bags. That sucks OP. Sorry.