HELP!!! Color transfer on my patent b bag

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  1. Hi!
    I have a HUGE problem - I found random faint black marks all over my bag today & I am not sure if it is the dustbag that has transferred color on the leather (bag has been in storage for awhile)...

    Has anyone experienced anything similar with their patent leather bags?

    I have tried using a damp cloth to clean the marks but it is not working.

    What can i do abt this???

  2. sorrry dear im helplesss here, it happened with me when i found a stain on my vernis LV wallet , i called the boutique and they asked me 2 drop at their shop to see what can be done .. so try calling the boutique and ask them what they can do .. :flowers:
  3. Sorry, I don't have any words of wisdom. If its not too bad, I'd just say live with it and maybe it will fade over time. I have some color transfer on my baby spy and have been too afraid of causing further damage by attempting to clean it. :s But if you suspect the color is from the dust bag, I'd definitely get a new one.
  4. bring it to your nearest fendi store. they will give you the best advise.
  5. Hows your bag doing?
    Were you able to remove it?