Help! Color transfer on my new joy boston bag

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  1. I wore my new beige medium joy boston bag yesterday with a new brown top, and today I noticed that the side of the bag that touched my top had brown on it. I figured that I did not need to worry with this type of material, so now I don't know what to do. Help!!!!
  2. Anyone have any ideas? I tried baby wipes, and make-up remover, and it lightened it a bit, but you can still see the darkened area. I'm so upset!
  3. Oh no Melanie! The baby wipes didn't work? Isn't the Joy Boston the coated canvas? I'm really surprised it won't come off. How about Magic Eraser? Test a small area first though like maybe at the bottom of the bag.
  4. Yes, it's the coated canvas - I can't believe it. I figured that material would be indestructable! I tried the magic eraser very lightly, and the stain is lighter, but it's still there. I just can't believe it. I've only used the bag for about one week, and I'm so careful with all of my bags. I wore a new dark brown shirt that I had never washed, and it looks like that's what did it.
  5. YOu should contact GUCCI ....
  6. I already e-mailed them, but I think I will call tomorrow as well. Thanks for the input.
  7. I accidently got a pen mark on the leather part of my gucci britt yesterday. I used baby wipes and no luck then tried magic eraser and it lightened a little bit so then I tried alcohol and the magic eraser and it came out.
  8. ^^^this was on cream leather
  9. Ohhh NOO!! :wtf: Let us know what Gucci says
  10. Thanks for your help. I will try anything at this point! I'll let you know if I hear back from Gucci.
  11. I used the alcohol and a white eraser, and it looks like most of it is gone now. Thanks for all of your help. I'm a little nervous about other colors rubbing off on the bag, but, hopefully, it was just that shirt.
  12. Glad it worked on your bag also! I was nervous doing it but I had used alcohol on my brand new white couch before when it had a felt pen stain an it came out with no problems so i decided to try it on the bag.
  13. I'm glad you got most of it out!
  14. I'm also going to try Lancome Skin Cleansing milk for the rest of the stain. This was recommended the Louis Vuitton forum for cleaning color transfer from vachetta leather, so I can't see how it could hurt coated canvas.
  15. Melanierez, can I ask you is your bag in that coated hard canvas material? Not the regular canvas material, right. Can you please let me know because I am planning to buy a Joy medium tote this saturday in whilte, if this happens to your beige, I have to rethink about my white one.